The Right Kind of Competitive Atmosphere

People who work at Sewell are smart and talented. We know, because our interview process includes testing for intelligence and aptitude. We recruit at top universities and colleges. We also hire many experienced professionals seeking a long-term career with plenty of opportunities for growth in responsibility and income. Bringing together a lot of high-performing people in an organization with high standards of service creates a spirited atmosphere, an organization that feels elite, but not elitist. We help keep each other on our toes. And it shows. As the owner of a neighboring business told one of our managers, "You guys just carry yourselves differently."

A Lifetime of Learning -- On the Company Dime

At the conclusion of your formal education, there is usually a ceremony called commencement. Commencement means a beginning, not a conclusion - the beginning, we hope, of a lifetime of continual learning. One of the secrets of our company's success is the investment we make in the continuing education of our associates. That includes industry training to advance technical skills and professional credentialing as well as executive programs from schools such as Harvard, the University of Virginia, Michigan, SMU, Texas A&M, Wharton, Northwestern, and the Center for Creative Leadership. What are your goals? We personalize educational experiences to help you achieve them.

Great Service Creates Great Opportunities

As Sewell grows, we look for leaders. The formula is pretty simple. When we do a good job with our customers and associates, we grow. When we grow, there is more opportunity for advancement. That is how we have been building our business for over 100 years. So how does your good performance get noticed? We have built systems to make sure it does. For instance, we discovered that technicians in our dealerships produced higher quality work when an inspector did not check their work. So we eliminated inspectors. Knowing that the customer is the final inspector brings out the best in us all. And customers, like any good inspector, give great feedback on our performance.

You Get To Contribute from Day One

We hire the best and the brightest, so it only makes sense that we would listen to what they have to say and learn from what they do. Performance-oriented thinking means everyone matters. It is more about what you do than how long you have been here. Some of our best ideas have come from the fresh perspective of new recruits.


Be Inspired. Be Inspiring

Sewell offers inspired service to customers - and associates. We stand firm in our commitment to helping you be your best, all career long.

Unlike Anywhere Else.

Ongoing educational opportunities support not only career growth, but personal growth as well. That's just one feature in addition to exceptional benefits that differentiates Sewell. Outstanding facilities, sophisticated equipment and empowering environments are a few more.

Look Closely.

Do you see yourself someplace that feels more like a home than just a job? We're very selective in our hiring process because when you join us, you aren't just another team member -- you're a Sewell family member.


Our dedication to building personal relationships with our customers begins by building personal relationships with our associates. Because Sewell is committed to providing an exceptional sales and service experience, we are also committed to providing continuous development and training. We believe in empowering our associates with a wide range of annual training opportunities in addition to manufacturer-sponsored courses. From your first day with us until the day you retire, your individual development is our priority.
In addition to career-long personal development, Sewell associates enjoy a number of benefits, including:
  • 401K with company match
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Long-term disability
  • Life insurance
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid sick leave
  • Paid holidays
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Associate automobile purchase program



If you are a Sewell Technician, you're happiest with a car in the bay and a tool in your hand. Our technicians are busy and productive because we stock one of the largest parts inventories of any dealership. The most commonly used parts are stocked right on the floor, close at hand in our well-lit, air-conditioned service centers.

We believe in rewarding excellence with financial incentives for production and education, and we provide all team members with multiple, paid training opportunities. We are looking for Technicians who will be enthusiastic about growing professionally, with opportunities to manage their own teams, and help us deliver the kind of service that has made Sewell legendary.

Assistant Service Manager

We love that our Assistant Service Managers love serving customers and helping people find solutions. We challenge our people to perform at their highest level, and believe in providing the training and leadership they need to do it. We also believe in rewarding our most efficient Service Associates with top compensation.

An excellent service experience is a core part of taking great care of our customers, and we're looking for Assistant Service Managers who share our dedication to personal service.

Sales Associate

Many of our most successful sales associates never expected to be in the car business. But they like cars and love to serve customers, and that makes them a great match for Sewell. We think that a genuine enthusiasm for automobiles is a better prerequisite than prior sales experience.

We believe in challenging our Sales Associates to be their very best every day, and we provide the training and leadership they need to do it. We also believe in rewarding top performance with top compensation.

To us, taking great care of a customer isn't a sales technique. It's an expression of our heartfelt values, and we are looking for Sales Associates who feel the same way.

Parts Specialist

Our Parts Associates are passionate about customer service. We realize that taking care of a customer means having what they need when they need it. By consistently meeting our goals, we increase customer satisfaction and technician productivity.

Our parts departments are some of the most efficient in the world. Because we service a vast amount of vehicles each day, we run a tight ship when it comes to inventory.

In line with the Sewell culture, we make sure we are "in the know" about our customers' wants and our technicians' needs to ensure we provide exceptional customer service.

Finance Professionals

All of our Business Managers are certified by the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals. Sewell also provides ongoing, paid training, up to 40 hours a year, and we maintain close relationships with top lenders to provide first-class service to our customers. We believe that our high ethical standards and performance expectations plus our exciting, fast-paced industry equals a unique professional environment.

Our finance staff is extremely knowledgeable and can confidently assist customers with every aspect of their financial decisions in relation to their automobile purchase. They are dedicated to doing what's right for the customer and for the company. We are seeking finance professionals who are willing to become experts in their field and who share our heartfelt mission of taking excellent care of customers.

Collision Center Associate

Our collision centers are state-of-the-art, air-conditioned facilities with professional environments. We provide ongoing, paid training to further our associates' individual development, plus the opportunity to grow professionally and manage teams. Our incentive compensation rewards productivity and quality of work. For those who truly love fine automobiles, our collision centers attract fine luxury vehicles-not only those sold by Sewell, but additional high-end makes whose owners trust our reputation for taking special care of every vehicle we touch.

We believe in quality over quantity. While we may not be the biggest collision center in town, we strive to be the best at restoring our customers' vehicles to pristine condition. If you share our high standards and respect for craftsmanship, you'll find Sewell a rewarding place.

Administrative Staff

We endeavor to find talented, creative people for our administrative professional roles and we cherish our team. We're happy to provide a vibrant, positive environment in which to flourish, and we also offer a number of growth opportunities. We reward excellent performance and also ensure individual development with continuing education and training.

Our entire culture succeeds because of our administrative professionals, who help the various parts of our business work together smoothly. We are looking for talented individuals who enjoy setting the standard in customer service.


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