Personal Touch

Relationships First

Building relationships, not selling cars and trucks, is our first priority, and it has been for more than a century. "Customers for Life" - that is our aim. Generations of customers have bought their vehicles from our dealerships. The secret is in how we treat others, and each other. Sewell is still the family-owned business it always has been. You never get the feeling that "it's just business"; a sense of family and the importance of long-term relationships always come through. You can experience our service at 14 dealerships in Dallas, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Houston, Plano, and San Antonio.
Company Profile
We will provide the best vehicle sales and service experience for our customers. We will do this in a way that will foster the continuous improvement of our people and our company. We will be a top-performing, thoroughly professional, and genuinely caring organization in all that we do.

  • We will be at the top when measured against appropriate business standards of performance in every function, in every department, in every dealership.
  • We will pursue quality and profitability with the aim to stay in business and provide jobs for our people.
  • The development of our people is essential to our growth and future success. We will provide training and education to encourage the long-term employment and professional advancement of all our associates.
  • We will strive for constant improvement and innovation in all that we do.
  • We will earn and re-earn the goodwill, trust and confidence of our customers and colleagues every day.
  • The highest ethical standards will guide everything we do.
  • Our suppliers are important to our success. We will establish long-term relationships with suppliers whose values and quality are consistent with ours.
Customers For Life

We're Happy to Share Our Service Secrets

Carl Sewell Sr. may have written the book on service, figuratively speaking, back in the early 1900s, but it took his son, Carl Sewell, decades later, to write the book on service literally. He did it in response to the untold hundreds of visitors, callers, and correspondents who asked how a car dealership, of all things, could be one of the most effective service companies in the world. The principles work in any industry - a fact that made Customers for Life an international bestseller. It has been translated into 19 languages and has sold over 1 million copies. Want to read it for yourself?


What "Obsessed with Service" Looks Like ...

A smiling associate opening the door for you and greeting you by name. Fresh flowers in the showroom. Original art on the walls. A complimentary car wash for any customer, any time. Sharp-looking associates with a spring in their step. A shop floor so clean, it looks worthy of "the 10-second rule." Shelves loaded with prestigious awards. Delegations of visitors from other companies coming to learn how we do it. And the clearest evidence of inspired service? Customers who return again and again and who spread the word about Sewell to their families and friends.

Incomparable Service? Depends on What You Compare It With

We like to say we are a world-class service organization that just happens to sell cars. Think of the world's most respected hotel brands; think of luxury department stores at their holiday-season best, or of a top financial advisory practice entrusted with a family's well-being. Those are the standards by which we judge our service. We invite you to compare our service with the very best you have ever received, anywhere. Let us know how we are doing.


The Right Kind of Competitive Atmosphere

People who work at Sewell are smart and talented. We know, because our interview process includes testing for intelligence and aptitude. We recruit at top universities and colleges. We also hire many experienced professionals seeking a long-term career with plenty of opportunities for growth in responsibility and income. Bringing together a lot of high-performing people in an organization with high standards of service creates a spirited atmosphere, an organization that feels elite, but not elitist. We help keep each other on our toes. And it shows. As the owner of a neighboring business told one of our managers, "You guys just carry yourselves differently."

A Lifetime of Learning -- On the Company Dime

At the conclusion of your formal education, there is usually a ceremony called commencement. Commencement means a beginning, not a conclusion - the beginning, we hope, of a lifetime of continual learning. One of the secrets of our company's success is the investment we make in the continuing education of our associates. That includes industry training to advance technical skills and professional credentialing as well as executive programs from schools such as Harvard, the University of Virginia, Michigan, SMU, Texas A&M, Wharton, Northwestern, and the Center for Creative Leadership. What are your goals? We personalize educational experiences to help you achieve them.

Great Service Creates Great Opportunities

As Sewell grows, we look for leaders. The formula is pretty simple. When we do a good job with our customers and associates, we grow. When we grow, there is more opportunity for advancement. That is how we have been building our business for over 100 years. So how does your good performance get noticed? We have built systems to make sure it does. For instance, we discovered that technicians in our dealerships produced higher quality work when an inspector did not check their work. So we eliminated inspectors. Knowing that the customer is the final inspector brings out the best in us all. And customers, like any good inspector, give great feedback on our performance.

You Get To Contribute from Day One

We hire the best and the brightest, so it only makes sense that we would listen to what they have to say and learn from what they do. Performance-oriented thinking means everyone matters. It is more about what you do than how long you have been here. Some of our best ideas have come from the fresh perspective of new recruits.


Imagine a Company ...

  • with a reputation of being top in its field
  • that puts service above all else (including the way its associates serve each other)
  • with over $1.8 billion in annual sales
  • and a staff of more than 1900
  • that pays well and has generous benefits
  • that invests in the education, training, and credentialing of its associates

  • that has been growing steadily for decades
  • where opportunities for promotion are frequent
  • that has been owned and run by the same family for over a century
If that sounds like an organization you might like to be part of, let's talk. Start by looking at our available positions.

Work in the Car Business? Really?

We say it often: We are in the relationship business - a world-class service organization that just happens to sell cars. From that thought, it is a pretty short hop to this one: When you put extraordinary care into looking after customers and your colleagues - working in the service of relationships - you will do extraordinarily well.

Excellence Never Takes a Day Off

We win a lot of awards. In fact, when it comes to the most prestigious awards, we're not sure any dealership in history has won more. Not that we get to rest on our laurels by any means. No matter how great the customer's experience is today, that will become their minimum expectation tomorrow. The better we do, the harder it gets to delight our customers. That is why our biggest award is seeing our customers again and again


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Nicer for a Reason

We build exceptionally nice facilities because we judge ourselves not against other car dealerships but against all the other fine retail and service organizations that serve our customers. It is important to us that you enjoy your experience and feel the respect and appreciation you deserve. In addition, we place a premium on providing an efficient and comfortable workplace for the associates who are the lifeblood of our service.
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Notice the Details

When you drop off your car for service, you pull in to a service drive that is tile, not concrete. Tile is not only durable, it also looks better for longer than concrete, making it a good financial as well as aesthetic choice. Look up as you step out of your car, and you will see not the raw ceiling joists of a typical service drive but dropped ceilings. These help make the service drive quieter as well as more attractive. Step inside, and you will find fresh flowers and original artwork in the showroom and waiting areas, along with a hundred other little touches intended to help you feel like the honored guest you are.
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First-Rate Partners

Many top-tier companies have a hand in creating the atmosphere of a Sewell dealership. We are meticulous in our selection of architects, contractors, interior designers, landscape firms, and lighting consultants. We do it, of course, for our customers. But we also find that being around the work of firms who are tops in their fields inspires us in our own work.


Enjoy Every Feature

From entertainment and navigation systems to comfort controls, safety systems, and performance features, your vehicle puts an amazing amount of advanced technology at your service. At Sewell, we consider it an important part of our own service to help you take full advantage of everything all that technology has to offer.

In-House Know-How

Have a question about any of your vehicle's digital or mechanical features? For answers, look no further than the dedicated technology specialist at your Sewell dealership. A true enthusiast and a clear communicator, he or she is expert in every feature, large and small, of the brand of vehicle you drive. Call or come by anytime.

Hands-On Demonstrations

Whether your vehicle is brand-new or one that you have been driving for years, make the most of its capabilities by attending one of our regular technology clinics. Hosted by your dealership's technology specialist, these hands-on sessions are held monthly or, at some locations, even more often. Topics include Bluetooth, satellite radio, memory seats, voice-activated navigation, sound system, automatic crash response systems, and more.

Please click on the date you wish to attend:

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