Do I have to pay property tax on a lease?
In the state of Texas, you will be billed property tax if the car is registered in a business name. If registered in a personal name, you can file an affidavit of non-income-producing purposes with the state. However, each city may still charge the individual.
How do I figure the amount for tax, title and license?
The tax rate in the state of Texas is 6.25%. The tax is calculated on the sale price of the car less any non-leased trade-in. The title fee is $33.00. The registration fees vary based on the car's model year.
When will my first payment be due?
On a purchase, the first payment will be due 30 to 45 days after signing. On a lease, you will make your first payment at the time of signing.
For how long can I finance my car?
Depending on year model, it can vary up to 84 months.
How much do you require for a down payment?
Typically, a down payment is not required. However, any down payment used will lower the monthly payment.
Do you have a first-time buyer program?
Most of our lenders have a college graduate program. Some stipulations will apply. This could qualify you for preferred finance rates.
What is GAP insurance?
You may be surprised to learn that the value your primary insurance company places on your vehicle may be substantially less than the amount you actually owe. The result is a financial "gap" and YOU must make up the difference. This "gap" liability could cost thousands. GAP (guaranteed auto protection) insurance will pay the difference of what your insurance company allows you and what the loan balance is. GAP insurance will only go into effect if the vehicle is declared a TOTAL loss.
How much payment can I afford?
A good guideline is 20% of your gross monthly income, but other factors can cause it to vary.
Do you offer extended service agreements?
Yes; however, length and miles will vary between new and pre-owned vehicles. All extended service agreements are factory-backed, NOT third party.
What if I am in a lease and my vehicle is involved in a wreck?
Depending on whether your vehicle can be declared a total loss, the GAP insurance will take care of the balance. (GAP insurance is always included in a lease.)


What makes purchasing from Sewell different than other dealers?
Sewell provides its customers with a high level of customer service. Our salespeople are known for their professionalism, courteousness and flexibility with the customer in making the buying process of a vehicle enjoyable. Repeat and new customers will tell us they purchased from Sewell because of the quality of service and no pressure in purchasing.
Do you sell vehicles online?
We do. While Sewell prefers to conduct the sales process in person because we believe that provides a better experience for the customer, we are flexible. We have customers throughout the United States and in many foreign countries who have never visited one of our dealerships. Please contact a sales associate to let us know how we can accommodate you.
If the vehicle I want is not in stock, how long will it take to locate the vehicle? What is the process or what options do I have?
Depending on the vehicle, we can usually locate the one you want within a couple of days through a network of other dealerships or we can offer a comparable vehicle that we have in stock. We recommend you contact a salesperson for more information.
Can I order a vehicle from the manufacturer?
Depending on the manufacturer, you may place an order through us for a vehicle we do not have in stock. If a particular vehicle is not in stock, we may offer a comparable one or search among a network of other dealerships. We recommend you contact a salesperson for more information.
How do you determine the trade-in value for a vehicle?
Each trade-in is appraised differently based on various criteria, such as year, condition and current market value. Sewell has a large pre-owned network and our pre-owned managers will do a thorough assessment (including test driving), which allows us to provide the customer with a proper trade-in value.
What types of purchasing methods do you offer? Give me an example.
Our purchase methods include leasing, balloon financing, outside financing and cash payments. Sewell has many direct relationships with banks and institutions where we may be able to offer a better financing rate than the bank or institution would usually quote.
How does my credit rating affect the purchase of a vehicle?
Our salespeople will provide a proper assessment of your credit. Sometimes a customer may believe his or her credit rating is not good enough for the purchase of a new vehicle, when it may, in fact, be fine.
How can I purchase or inquire about an extended warranty?
You may talk to any salesperson or service adviser in the dealership to purchase or inquire. Generally, extended warranties are sold before the manufacturer's factory warranty expires.


Does Sewell provide loan vehicles?
We do provide loan vehicles at our dealerships who service vehicles. You must qualify for a loan vehicle and reserve it by at least seven days in advance, if you request a specific car. If you have no preference on the kind of loan car, we ask that you reserve one at least 48 hours in advance of bringing your car for service. Loan vehicles are provided based on availability. If you qualify for a loan vehicle, we require a copy of your driver's license and proof of insurance.
Where can I order accessories?
You may order accessories through any of our parts departments or online for Lexus, Infiniti, MINI and GM vehicles.
Where can I order parts?
You may contact any of our dealerships to see if we have your part(s) in stock or you may place an order with us.
If you do not have a part in stock, how long will it take to order?
If we need to order a part, it usually arrives the next business day. You may also place orders for parts over the phone and have them shipped to you.
How can I determine when my vehicle is due for its next service?
If you are an existing customer, contact your service adviser who can locate your previous service records to determine what was performed. If you are a new customer to Sewell, we can determine what service is due next for your vehicle.
I did not purchase my vehicle from Sewell; can you still service my vehicle?
Absolutely. As an authorized dealer for each of our brands, we will service vehicles for customers who did not purchase from us.
Do you detail vehicles?
Absolutely. We do provide detailing services at each of our service locations. We offer different types of detailing packages. You may contact your service adviser for more information. We also fix minor "dings" and perform paintless dent repair, which does not require extensive body shop work. A service adviser can provide a better assessment of what is needed.

Body Shop

My vehicle got damaged. What should I do next?
You should call our body shop so that we can guide you through the process of working with the insurance companies. We can help answer all your questions and assist you with arranging a rental car. Remember, it is your choice where you have your vehicle repaired. Sewell works with all insurance companies, and returning your car to pre-accident condition is our ultimate concern. If you would like more information for a repair estimate, please contact one of our body shop estimators.

What do I do about transportation while my vehicle is being repaired?
Each insurance policy has an addendum that can be added to cover a rental vehicle while your car is in the shop. (If you do not currently have this coverage on your policy, we urge you to contact your agent. It usually only costs $3-$5 a month, and it can save you a huge rental bill in the future.) Many people are caught off guard by the fact that they either do not have rental coverage or the rental coverage they have does not meet their actual need. If repairs end up taking 30 days or more at $30-$40 a day for a rental car, that is well over $1,000. Therefore, it is not feasible for Sewell to provide loan cars to our Collision Center customers.

How can I get a rental car?
Most of our body shops have on-site rental car agencies or immediate access to them. Call us and we will help you make arrangements for a car.

Do you fix other vehicles besides Sewell brands?
We do fix other vehicles besides Sewell brands. We frequently have customers with other lines of vehicles that Sewell does not sell who choose to have their vehicle repaired here because of the quality of service.

What kind of parts will you use to repair my vehicle?
Sewell recommends using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to maintain the overall quality of your vehicle. However, most insurance companies require the use of aftermarket or used parts to decrease claim expense. Aftermarket parts do not meet the specifications of the original manufacturers and we do not endorse their use. However, upon customer acceptance, we will locate and use these parts, if available.

Used parts are original equipment factory parts that have been refurbished. Use of these parts does not compromise the repair of the vehicle, but we cannot determine where the part has been or the condition of the material composing the parts.

How long will it take to get my vehicle fixed?
Because of the nature of this business, it is difficult to pinpoint a specific date and time for repairs to be completed. Each repair is different, and there are many variables that can affect how quickly a repair is completed. We will always do our best to keep you informed on the status of your vehicle. As the repairs progress, we can give you a better idea of the estimated date of completion.

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