Finance Tips

Finance or lease - what's right for me?

Either could be advantageous, depending on incentives offered by vehicle manufacturers, interest rates in the market and even the time of year you're shopping for a vehicle. Leasing often results in a lower monthly payment because payments cover only the vehicle depreciation - the difference between the purchase price and its projected value at the end of the lease. If you drive an average number of miles and take good care of your vehicles, leasing may be a good option. Financing, on the other hand, may be a better option for you if you plan to keep the vehicle for more than a few years or if you simply prefer the idea of ownership. The easiest approach? After you pick out a car you like, simply ask your Sewell business manager to show you a comparison of current financing and lease deals.

Can I get a better deal through a third-party leasing company?

Not likely. You see, leasing companies are middlemen, not new car dealers. They have to buy the vehicle from a dealer before they can lease it to you. And in between, chances are they add some profit of their own on top of the price they paid to the dealer. Then they figure your lease based on their marked-up price. By leasing from Sewell, you leave out the middleman.


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