Sewell begins life as a car dealership. And hardware store. And movie theater. (Nobody is sure yet whether cars will really catch on.) The important thing isn't what's being sold, but how the customer is treated. That attitude will lead to good years, great relationships and a swift exit from the hardware and movie business.


The Great Depression hits. The three banks in which Carl Sewell Sr. has cautiously placed his money all close on the same day. Rather than give up, he heads to the tiny town of Crane in the newly discovered West Texas oilfields. The move pays off - doubly. He starts a successful car business and meets his future wife, Louise.


Despite the nation's hard times, the Sewell business thrives in West Texas, thanks to Carl Sr.'s philosophy of service, service, service. But Dallas is calling. Carl and Louise move to Big D, bringing the Sewell way of serving customers back to the area where it all started.


Through the '40s and '50s, Sewell builds a loyal following with Lincoln-Mercury and Ford dealerships. Then the Sewell Village Cadillac sign goes up at Mockingbird Lane and Preston Road. The dealership that defines service and the marque that defines luxury are together at last, with results as spectacular as the tailfins on an Eldorado.


On May 5, Carl Sewell Sr. dies - but not before selling a Cadillac earlier that day. His legacy of leadership passes to his cousin, John, and son, Carl Sewell Jr. Carl Sr.'s principles of service live on. Customers become repeat customers. They send their friends. Soon Sewell Village Cadillac is outgrowing its home.


Sewell is on the move, acquiring a Cadillac dealership in San Antonio and, in Dallas, heading for bigger quarters: 8.6 acres on Lemmon Avenue, across from Love Field. Sewell's unique brand of obsessive service remains consistent throughout. Customers love it.


An era of unprecedented growth begins. By decade's end, a new luxury marque is born. Sewell is selected as one of North America's charter Lexus dealers. Dallas's first Lexus dealership opens on Lemmon Avenue, and streets and highways the whole region over are beautified with new cars bearing the twin badges, "Lexus" and "Sewell."


"How does Sewell do it?" Apparently a lot of people wonder, because Carl Sewell's new book, Customers for Life, becomes a bestseller, with translations in 19 languages and more than one million copies sold.


The Sewell family welcomes three new additions, GMC, Pontiac and Oldsmobile. Lemmon Avenue has never looked better.


Sewell acquires Hillard Lexus of Fort Worth and the Rodger Meier dealerships in Dallas. The Meier acquisition adds Infiniti to the Sewell roster of brands as well as adding another Cadillac location.


Sewell Infiniti, a member of the family since 1998, is ready for more elbow room and a more prominent place in the Metroplex landscape. The new Infiniti showroom brings yet another facet of the Sewell service to the automotive wonderland at the corner of Lemmon and University.


Sewell Cadillac opens in the suburban area of Grapevine, Texas. The store further expands our reach in the D/FW market.


Sewell Infiniti of Houston opens in Houston, Texas, off I-45. Now Infiniti customers from South Texas can enjoy the level of inspired service that customers from Dallas have come to love.


In June 2010 Sewell opens its first Subaru dealership at the corner of Lovers Lane and Lemmon Avenue. Love is what makes a Subaru a Subaru. Service is what makes a Subaru a Sewell Subaru. The love affair begins.


As we celebrate our centennial milestone, Sewell continues on its path toward growth and innovation, acquiring a new Cadillac point in West Houston. Luxury and service are united once again.


At Sewell, we are continually striving to bring our customers inspired service for the next 100 years. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

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